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This modern gay film noir centers around Luke, an innocent and naïve teenager wanting to escape an abusive home in the suburbs while searching for his sexual identity. When he is unsuspectingly lured by a sexy agent on an online Modeling app into the meat grinder world of the NYC modeling scene, he quickly discovers that nothing is as it seems.

GRINDER stars Brandon Ruckdashel, who was Riley in THE LAIR on HereTV! and Zack in COED CONFIDENTIAL on HBO/Cinemax, Jon Fleming, who was Adam in DANTE'S COVE and Russell in WILL AND GRACE, and introduces Tyler Austin.


Brandon Ruckdashel Tyler Austin Jon Fleming

Brandon Ruckdashel

(Co-ed Confidential / The Lair)

Tyler Austin

Jon Fleming

(Will & Grace / Dante's Cove)

Derek Means - Cinematographer

Derek’s love for stories started when his father dropped off a dusty box of crumbling sci fi novels in his room when he was 8, and matured as he devoured literature and film through high school and college. He didn’t pick up a camera until he had completed a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Justice; worked for the US Secret Service; helped to develop software to teach ESL students english through a web-based phonetic speech recognition system; spent time as a professional sailor in the Baltic, Atlantic, and Mediterranean; sweated on an asphalt road construction crew in the Colorado Rockies; instructed Muay Thai; and completed over 300 skydiving jumps. It was while hitchhiking and walking 14,0000 miles from Munich to Cape Town that he became fascinated with the camera as an expressive device. Visual media became a way of reflecting on unconsciously held perspectives and assumptions as his travels took him further from the known.

Derek returned to NYC in 2010 and since then has dedicated himself to learning the filmmaking skills necessary to visually explore the slippery nature of experience and perspective and how this impacts human communication. To this end, he has worked on film sets as craft services, production assistant, camera assistant, grip, camera operator, cinematographer, and director on a diverse assortment of projects. He currently works as a freelance Director of Photography in the NYC indie film scene. On the side, he works with Nikki Holck and Gina Schiappacasse exploring the ways in which physicality is its own form of communication.

Chris Winham - Composer

Chris Winham is a musician that wears several musical hats. With a formal musical education of composition and improvisation at New York’s Bard College, Chris went on to perform as a pianist/keyboard player with a number of Jazz, Rock and Pop artists and groups around the world.

In 1993 Chris opened his own ‘Project North’ recording studio in Rhinebeck, NY. There he would not only produce and engineer for a litany of respected artists but would also compose and record his own music for various visual media. Chris’ music can be heard in hundreds of documentaries, TV Shows and advertisements.

In 2007 Chris was a founding member of Fliktrax LLC (www.Fliktrax.com), a Music Library/Production company that continues to thrive to this day. Chris is Fliktrax’s head composer and handles almost all the commissioned custom music work that the company accepts. Due to the varied client base of Fliktrax, both Chris’ vast library music and custom scores can be heard in a myriad of reality shows, commercials, trade show presentations and feature films.

Barney Oldfield - Producer

Barney grew up in New York City in a family long associated with the film business, his grandfather the founder of an early Hollywood studio and his uncle a partner at another. While General Manager of Angelika Entertainment Corporation produced the popular Too Much Sleep feature, nominated for the Independent Spirit Award, and the controversial Zero Day feature, winner of Best Feature and Best Actor Awards at Slamdunk Film Festival. In addition to successful film projects Barney developed and produced the MetroAngelika series and popular television & Internet programming for Cablevision and other clients. As a resource for the filmmaking community he also began NewFilmmakers, which weekly screens new independent films in New York and in Los Angeles, and the Harvard Film Group, which has over 1000 alumni members nationally. 

Barney, in partnership with SXM, executive produced Easy To Assemble with Ileana Douglas and Jeff Goldblum and CTRL on NBC with Tony Hale and Steve Howey.


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